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Our evaluation products are designed to support you in planning your evaluation. For instance, a data collection plan can be used to develop your proposal for funding or you can use it to reduce the cost of an external evaluation design. And, we remove the stress of writing that IRB application.


Our evaluations are customize designed to meet our clients' programming needs. We study the client's programs carefully and select highly valid and reliable instruments to measure program...

Ready to use

Through our technology product, OVATION, our clients have ready to use ubiquitous real time data sharing.

Open Library

Coming soon, we will provide our clients with immediate and free access to reliable and valid instruments that have been used to measure cognitive and non-cognitive attributes of students. These...

Online Courses

We will provide program managers with online courses on using our OVATION dashboards to show as well as manage program data. we will also provide courses that increase the knowledge of research...


Through our technology product OVATION, we create dashboards for clients to quickly and easily view and share their data visuals. Clients are provided with a universal resource locator (URL) and...


All our evaluations have CITI and NIH certifications to conduct research using human subjects.


OVATION is our technology product to advance social innovation in STEM. We work with our clients to show how evaluation can be used to broaden participation in STEM education....

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College faculty, do you need program evaluation services? We provide research and evaluation consulting, data storytelling technology, logic model development, and STEM educational products and programs to support your vision.

Using proven methods of appreciative inquiry, human centered data collection and analysis, program intelligence, and change management, we foster inclusive cultures and diverse achievement.

Together, we create social innovation in STEM — for your students’ success, organization’s resilience and education’s evolution.

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